27 Agt 2011

...Focus..Focus..and Focus..!!

There are 3 sprinters top of the world joint in a competition,  100 metres, one of them is Mardi Lestari from Indonesia. At 3 minute,  Mardi Lestari leading and followed later by Kaspo second sprinter from Indramayu and Carl Lewis third sprinter from the United States. Contest between all three very attractive, between Mardi Lestari, Carl Lewis and Kaspo each other catch ups catch up. Minute 5th, Mardi Lestari still leads, minute to 7 Mardi Lestaris still lead and He start behold rear, see its opponent position. Minute 8th, Mardi Lestari often look backward toes, its monitor of opponent position. Growing often look backward, Mardi Lestari loses concentration, he no concerned about direction in front its and its speed unstable. Mardi Lestari is not aware of this problem, with often look backward, at minute 10th Kaspo can pass his position . See Kaspo precede it, Mardi Lestari becomes emotional and he goes all out to fight against Kaspo, nevertheless too late, Kaspo passes Finish and be a winner.

What's happened with Mardi Lestari ?
He does not FOCUS at his goals, he more concerned about others ( growing often look backward to) he has lessened concentration, lessen focus.
Focus, is of vital importance matter, good for business or life.
In business, we needn't frequently see competitor growth, focus on what must we conduct, maintain quality from product, maintain quality from existing resources. See competitor growth is smallest part from our job not a great deal of our job.

Focus..focus and focus....!!!

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