19 Agt 2011

...To be and To Have

There are two words that determine your lifestyle. Mistake selecting the words that serves as a control will result in the destruction of life.  On the other hand, if you choose the right, the journey of your life will be filled with achievement. That the words are “To Be and To Have

To be is your desire to become.

It is associated with a desire to pursue the process of achievement by utilizing the advantages you have.
Example of to be : The desire to become the best entrepreneurs in Indonesia are able to employ 20 thousand more employees or desire to become the best manager.

To have is your desire to “have” something.

That desire is associated with the process of reaching material things or the end result of a business as a form of encouragement from worldly pleasures.
Example of to have: desire to get the salary, benefits, facilities, homes, cars and praise.
The difference  between To Be and To Have is at the destination point to be achieved not on the words. For example, when you say want to be the best manager, then that statement can mean To Be, or To Have, really depends on what becomes the focus.

if your goal is to get a salary manager, facilities manager, to get recognition and praise from many people, the desire is To Have.
But if your goal is to achieve a greater opportunity and responsibility as a manager with all the ability  that you have, the desire is To Be.

if your mind is always To Have, then the tendency is all what you do should always get a reward, especially those that are more into the material and worldly pleasures.  Your performance will be limited because you only work according to benefits received, finally, the potential for yourself will never grow and even justifies any means to achieve it.

however, is not meant to have banned, only to have should not be used as guidelines for life, if you want a house and luxury cars (to have). think about what achievements have you achieved so that you can afford to buy homes and cars.

if you want to achieve long-term success as well as to the glory of life, make it To Be as a guide your life, how great and powerful you are, if made To Have the control of life, destruction awaits you.

Make To Be as control of life and reassure To Have definitely will follow you.

Summarize from Garuda Magazine August 2009 by Jamil Azzaini (Sukses Mulia).

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