20 Nov 2011

Cerita...Don't shout..Life or convenient

In a village there was a rich divorcee, with no children and so sexy on every young man
who saw her, on the other time there was a youth who worked to rob,
and arose in his mind to rob the house of the rich divorcee.
As a result the young man managed to enter the house through the roof and it was the divorcee's room.
And at that moment the widow slept without clothes. Another intention emerged in the young man's mind
then he slipped down the bed of the divorcee.
And it shocked her because there was glass under the bed that nudged by him
the widow finally woke up, them the robber straightly pulled a machete and threatened her:

"Do not shout, LIFE or CONVENIENT ??!!" half bluffing.
The divorcee felt fear and with a weak tone she answered "CONVENIENT".
After that happened .... the robber wanted to go home because he felt satisfied
but at the time of going to wear clothes the machete beside the divorcee left behind
and immediately she picked up and returned she threatened him:

"Going where?" "Home" replied the young man the widow snapped "HOME OR ONCE MORE"

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