29 Nov 2011

Cerita...Life in the World

Sometimes we are not aware that life in this world is a prison. Let's take a look at the back of our ancestors, Adam and Eve. And as we know Adam and Eve came to this earth in the status of serving, as it had breached the God.
This World is only temporary residence for offspring Adam and Eve. In consequence,
It is extremely ill-advised if humans made the world as a place to have fun, let alone assume the world is everything, a place to build the earthly powers.
If we understand the fact that a prison, we would not simply have a good handle mundane things, but in fact the world is a place for introspection.
It's not that we're resigned to not do anything because the status of the prison, but this world we should be able to find how the body is still growing. These bodies need to eat and drink, eat and drink in order to achieve that we have to move, we must seek and we should be looking for the quality of food and drink it.
It means in achieving food and beverage quality it has to go through a quality way, also not obtained from the way.
In addition to food and beverages, we also need a spiritual needs. To reach the spiritual needs of quality, we should be holding on to the thought that, as of today must be better than the yesterday and tomorrow shall be better than today. With the holding on rule, our quality of life will be good.
If we pass to the food and beverage quality, quality spiritual world as a place of imprisonment can give value to the quality of the man himself, and when completed serving in prison and out of jail (read: the world) and enter into eternal life, the quality of us as a great-grandson of Adam and Eve can be used to provision the eternal world.

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