11 Nov 2011

Cerita...Bill and Maria

One day, Bill and Maria go to a coffee shop. He looks tired so Maria also suggested to Bill to drink coffee. Bill  say "No! I don't have money". Maria was ignoring complaints.
Maria ask to bartender : " How much the coffee?".
Bartender replied : "Hot coffee in  US$ 20 if cold US$ 50"
"Ok, hot coffee 1 please…".
Not long before coffee was finished and handed directly to the front of Bill. Bill alacrity and gusto with direct spending so that the new coffee (yes definitely temperatures around 90 degrees C). Maria was confused and asked.
"Bill! what the hell doing, it's still hot coffee to drink now "
"No problem.. if the hot coffee become cold the price will be US$ 50…! I don’t have money…!!

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