4 Des 2011

Cerita...The Teacher and a Student, Andi..!

Teacher : “Andi please answer…Who is Thomas Alfa Edison ..?
Andi : “ I don’t know..”
Teacher : “ James Watt, who is he..?
Andi : “ I don’t know too..”
Teacher : “How do you this? I asked this and that you don't know the answer. Do you learn?”
Andi :” I studied mam, now I want to ask you, do you know who Arifin Widodo.?”
Teacher: “ I don’t know him..”
Andi : “ Bambang Setiono, who is he..?
Teacher: “ I don’t know too..who are they..?
Andi: “off course mam.. don't forcibly that I know they, we, each having its own acquaintance..”

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  1. hahahahaaa...,,,and do u know about me ?
    I'll be loyal readers on ur blog !!!
    Nice article...support ur blog !!!